As a realtor, we believe that we are obliged to bring added value to the selling process. Every aspect of the sale should be of high quality, from the pictures for Funda to the execution of the final transfer. We aim to take the sale entirely into our own hands with our modern approach, giving it the attention it requires. Selling a house is precision work, after all!

We will value your property, help you prepare it for sale and take care of its presentation on Funda, social media and our very own website. We will also play a major role in negotiating the price and the judicial side of the sale. This way, you can pay attention to the more exciting parts of moving.

And the brokerage – our rate of commission? That’s up to you to decide, based on your level of satisfaction! Read more about that here.

Interested in our services? You are more than welcome to visit our office for a preliminary consultation over a cup of coffee. Completely free off charge, of course.


Just how much is my house worth? That’s often one of the first questions that arises when you’re planning to sell your house. Before taking us on as your realtor, we will come over to visit you – free of cost and non-binding – to determine the monetary value of the property. No wild overblown promises: just clear, realistic advice on the asking- and projected final selling price. This way, you immediately know what to expect.

In the current market, people are increasingly opting to buy a new house before selling their current home. To help you get a clearer (financial) picture, we conduct our valuation in the first stage of the selling process, so you know in advance what selling price you have to take into account as you look for your future home and consider its financing. Of course, we are also available to aid in this process of purchasing your new residence, in addition to the sale of your current one.


At Hypodomus Rijnbeek & Den Elsen, we believe in personal small-scale viewing appointments, instead of organizing an ‘Open House.’ We do this so we can give the potential buyer all the time they need to get a feel for the property, and so they have the time to ask any questions that arise. We believe this approach is instrumental to ensuring the best result for both parties.

Of course, if you so wish, we will gladly organize an Open House for you. Hypodomus Rijnbeek & Den Elsen charges no additional fee for this arrangement. Furthermore, we are associated with the NVM ‘Open House Day,’ in which realtors work together for a wide-scale organization of Open Houses on the same day; The perfect chance to introduce your property to a large audience.


It may be somewhat confusing, but there are differences between valuations and taxations. A valuation is meant to inform you of the projected selling price and the advised asking price of your property, both necessary for the selling process. A taxation report is required in the financial procedure of buying a new house, and influences the mortgage you can take out for it. Read more about taxations.