When you purchase a property, you will in most cases, require an appraisal report as you apply for financing. Financing a renovation or transferring an existing mortgage also both necessitate an appraisal report to be drawn up by an independent appraiser.

It’s important to note that an appraisal (also called a ‘taxation’) is not the same thing as a valuation. A valuation informs you of the resale value of your property, and is thus only relevant during a sale. If you are the (happy) buyer of a new property, you need only an appraisal report. At Hypodomus Rijnbeek & Den Elsen, we are here to help you with the appraisal of your new property.

Validated appraisal report
In many cases, the bank will ask you for a ‘validated appraisal report’ by an independent organization. In a mortgage that complies with the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG), this is actually mandatory. Hypodomus Rijnbeek & Den Elsen is associated with the Dutch Housing Evaluation Institute (NWWI) and thereby we are authorized to draw up a validated appraisal report. This service, of course, comes with the condition that we cannot in any way be associated with the purchase or sale of the property in any way and thus are able to carry out the appraisal completely independently.

During an appraisal, we look at the following:

  • state of maintenance;
  • volume and surface measurements;
  • functional classification;
  • quality of construction and materials used;
  • associated rights and obligations, e.g. leasehold and right of way;
  • property location and surroundings.

Additionally, we will contact the municipality for information regarding the property’s zoning plan, and we will refer to the land registry.


Want more information about our appraisals, or are you looking to request one directly? Please fill in our contact form or contact us by phone on 071-8200011. A taxation can also be directly requested at the NWWI. If you opt to go down this route, we kindly ask you to consider noting down Hypodomus Rijnbeek & Den Elsen B.V. Leiden on the application form.